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Clerk’s Corner

I want to begin my first Clerk’s Corner by thanking you for the opportunity to serve as Clerk of Session. Without everyone’s assistance and patience, I would not be able to accomplish this responsibility. Appreciation is extended to Gidget Collins for her years of service and help during this transition.
The official church calendar has been successfully moved over to Google Calendar. This new format will offer ease of access and sharing among Session and others. Additionally, the calendar can now be integrated in services such as DAKboard for our new digital display. Through DAKboard, the layout of the display can be customized and offers the potential for displaying videos, announcements, calendars, and more. Please feel free to speak with me regarding any suggestions you may have. Appreciation to the entire Haddox family for their assistance in installing the display!
Pastor Emily and Gidget Collins attended the February Presbytery meeting. During the meeting, the Presbytery voted on several proposed amendments to the PC(USA) Constitution. Additionally, a checklist was completed to examine the various ways Presbytery serves our church. I would invite everyone to examine this checklist and reflect on the various ways Bath has benefited from the Presbytery. You can view the checklist online at
In the interest of safety, Session has approved a modification to our building rental/use policy. This revised policy calls for all groups utilizing the church, outside of regular Sunday worship and ministry offerings, to secure the main entrance at all times. Groups are more than welcome to station someone at the entrance to let individuals in; however, this policy ensures no one is entering the church building without being welcomed.
Finally, throughout this month, Pastor Emily met with a potential new member! Session will be meeting with this individual on March 3rd and plans to welcome them during worship as a new member of Bath.

Cheerfully Submitted,
Ethan Johns Clerk of Session