Clerk of Session Message


Session approved the church budget for 2018 at the November session meeting. The budget shows a deficit of $7,927.66. There is money available to cover the deficit, and this will be reflected on the budget to show a balanced budget for 2018. This is a concern for session as this trend began last year. The budget for 2018 has been cut by more than $3100 from previous years since our income will be less.
Bank balances as of October 31st: Checking account - $35,547.06; CDs - $70,139.28; Money Market - $15,338.76; Vanguard Wellington - $98,594.60; Total monies - $219,619.70
The Clerk’s Annual Questionnaire was received. Session provided input for the questions and approved the information. Answers were submitted online. The Statistical Report was also reviewed, and it will be submitted online at the end of this year.
The Annual Congregational meeting will be held on January 28th following worship service, with a back-up date of February 4th in case of bad weather. Annual reports need to be given to the clerk of session no later than January 7th.
The new Bath Presbyterian t-shirts and polo shirts have arrived. They have the new mission statement on the back and the PC(USA) symbol on the front. There are a few extra t-shirts for anyone interested.
Please note that the Church Christmas dinner will be right after worship service on December 10th. Pastor Emily will be on vacation and out of town December 25th until January 2nd. Please call the clerk with any pastoral needs during that time.
Anyone may post Christmas cards on the main bulletin board in the annex. Bath Church Session wishes everyone a wonderful and meaningful Advent season.
Gidget Collins
Clerk of Session