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Clerk’s Corner

Here are some of the highlights discussed or decided at the last session meeting. Huge thanks to Susan Lockwood who took minutes until the Clerk arrived back from pulpit supplying at Belle Center PC.
Session approved a visioning group to begin at Bath to begin work looking forward for our church. The group is being initiated by Chris Pomfret but anyone at church can join or participate in the group.
Session approved and unanimously endorsed Gidget Collins as she begins work to become a Certified Ruling Elder (CRE) through the University of Dubuque Theology Seminary. There were forms to be filled out from the session and turned in to the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM). With session input Emily filled out the forms and will turn them in to CPM. Verna Drake was elected as the church liaison for Gidget.
Session serves as the personnel committee at Bath. Using Emily’s contract, areas were reviewed by session and Pastor Emily. Session will renew the contract with Emily for the 2019 year.
Emily was on study leave in July at the Young Clergy Women International conference which was held in St. Louis. The conference was on Embodiment in the gospels and taught by Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis. This was on the Gospel of John and Emily has been using this in her sermons. Session felt it would be good for Emily to share with the congregation and session more information about her study leave time.
There was a VBS wrap-up meeting at Faith PC. Deb and Emily attended. Next year there will be two different dates but we will be intentional about working together. Curriculum has been chosen. The set from this year that normally runs $400 was on sale for $19 and was purchased. There is a feeling that publicity needs to be better next year.
Emily will be attending a “support network for clergy” once a month that usually runs from 10:00 – 12 noon. On the third week of the month she is on CPM at Presbytery, which usually runs two hours. Beginning in September her hours will be 9:30 – 4:30, except the third week and the week when the clergy support happens. It was suggested she let people know her hours for each week.
Verna Drake will be the commissioner from our church for the September 11th Presbytery meeting at Oxford PC. All are invited to attend. Only the commissioner may sign up to vote, but any member from church may attend the meeting.
Bank balances as of July 31st: Checking account - $52,867.58; CDs - $70,260.96; Money Market - $15,346.80; Vanguard Wellington - $103,938.58; Total monies - $242,413.92 The Treasurer transition is going well. We are very grateful to Steve Mast for accepting the position as treasurer, and very grateful to Hazel for her work as treasurer. J.O. and Brad have both agreed to serve on a committee for the church audit.

Gidget Collins Clerk of Session