Clerk of Session Message


Bath Church now has a new mailing address which is: P.O. Box 24156, Dayton, OH 45424.
Annual reports were printed by Tom Oxley at Presbytery and the report booklets were distributed at church. Those not picked up by the end of the month will be mailed out.

Bank balances as of December 31st: Checking account - $40,014.03; CDs - $70,171.06; Money Market - $15,340.50; Vanguard Wellington - $101,678.92; Total monies - $227,204.51 We ended the year with an unexpected budget surplus of $2,014.97. Sharon has been giving out the 2017 yearly pledge giving record for members and friends. Those not handed out will be mailed.

Ethan has come up with a new Expense/Reimbursement Form for everyone to use. Expense and reimbursement forms are mandatory and must be completed for all non-recurring bills. These forms provide an audit trail, accountability, and help eliminate errors by the Treasurer when writing checks and logging expenses. Each committee chair/Elder is to approve expenses from their designated lines of the operating budget. This approval is accomplished via the expense/reimbursement form. Any expense that would cause an overage for an operating budget line item or from another line item on the disposition of assets should be approved by Session.

Lent is right around the corner. Pastor Emily will be ordering Lenten devotionals for the congregation. Ash Wednesday is on February 14th, and there will be a service at 7:00 pm. Some Bath members are participating in a Lenten study with the Sweet Communion Book Club at Faith PC on every Wednesday in Lent.
Before Jeff finished his time on session he prepared a list of lay leaders for 2018. Pastor Emily is doing the bulletins now and sending them to To
m Oxley at Presbytery to be printed. Pastor Emily has called a worship committee meeting for February 1st.

Many months in the last year we have had to pay data overage charges. Ethan has made changes to the desk top computer to make it a metered connection so updates will not automatically be downloaded. The WIFI will be turned off at the surge protector and usage will be tracked.

At the last session meeting the decision to re-key the church was discussed again. Although communication with the congregation was poor about the issue, session had discussed this possibility many times in past years. It was not a decision rushed into, but rather one made out of safety of church members by restricting who gets a key. Truly it was not done to alienate anyone. However, session has decided there needs to be a valid reason for someone having a key and access to the church. Having the church re-keyed will be something done every year.

Church Mutual is our insurance company and we feel we are adequately covered for what may happen to the building or people who visit/use the church. This next year we will contact the company to fully review the policy and our needs. We will also be putting together a church incident report that we would need if someone gets injured or has a medical issue while on church property. Session needs to be made aware of any medical occurrences to members or friends while on church property.

In your Bath Church address book please change the email address for Chris Pomfret to and his phone number is now: 545-6667. These address books are reprinted each year. If you have changes or updates at any time, please let the clerk know.

The annual congregational meeting was held on January 18th following worship. Pastor Emily summed up the many things that happened in the life of the church in 2017. The clerk thanked Tom Oxley for printing the booklets. Information was also shared about how healthy our presbytery is, where the per capita dollars go, what connectional support pays for, how we are all in covenant together, and how Bath Church gives 216.99% of our fair share for connectional support (which is 7.5% of our budget). We are being part of the “tie that binds” in our relationship with the presbytery. The necrology report was given and Pastor Emily led the congregation in prayer for Bill and Jo West.

Ethan Johns spoke about how well the church is doing with the budget for 2018, and how the stock market has helped our Vanguard Wellington Fund. Verna Drake brought the nominating committee motion to elect Hazel Pomfret for the unexpired Class of 2018 position. Hazel was elected and will be training and installed soon. Pastor Emily thanked Verna and the 2017 nominating committee.

Previous to the meeting, session elected elder Ethan Johns to serve as moderator of the nominating committee for 2018 and elder Susan Lockwood to serve on the committee. Three more people were needed to complete the 2018 nominating committee. J.O. Miller, Mabel Geis, and Al Beane were elected by voice vote to serve as the other members of the nominating committee for 2018.

Janet Miller volunteered to be the commissioner from Bath Church to the February 10th Presbytery meeting at Memorial PC in Xenia.

Gidget Collins
Clerk of Session