Clerk of Session Message

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Clerk's Corner

I hope everyone is continuing to stay healthy and finding new, unique ways to express their faith! As a church, we have collectively found new avenues to both worship and fellowship together! At our recent meeting, Session took several actions of interest to the congregation. Several of these will be highlighted in individual committee reports, but I would like to highlight some here as well.

First, Session noted the upcoming resignation of Becky Mast as a Ruling Elder and Steve Mast as Treasurer. We wish both well as they move closer to family and appreciate all they have done. The Nominating Committee, as established at our Congregational meeting earlier thisyear, will begin discerning nominees for the elder position. As Admin/Finance Elder, I will begin discernment on finding a new Treasurer in consultation with the committee.

Second, Session wishes to remind everyone that they are able to access the official minutes of both Session and Congregational meetings by request. These are the minutes of the church and available for all for review, even though they are not publicly posted. If you wish to review any minutes, please feel free to let the Clerk know!

Third, we have formed a Bath Presbyterian Church page on Facebook! This page will offer a unique venue for sharing updates, events, and videos. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to view the content and can do so by going to If you are asked to login, there should be a “Not Now” link to dismiss the pop-up.

Finally, I hope everyone continues to remain healthy during these unique times. As the church continues to expand in-person ministries, it is important that we focus on physical health while expanding opportunities for our spiritual health. I encourage everyone to try something new towards improving their spiritual health whether it be joining a Wednesday discussion group, attending a card making ministry meeting for the first time, becoming more active in Women’s Gathering, volunteering at the church or elsewhere, reading a book you’ve always wanted to, or finding other personal methods.

Best,   Ethan   Clerk of Session