Bath Presbyterian Church

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Clerk of Session Message


The changing colors of the leaves welcomes in autumn weather. Change is constant, but the Lord is with us through all seasons. Session transitions into fall months with many events planned. There are fellowship opportunities coming up, including a lectionary study that Pastor Emily will start beginning in November and running through next April. Other meetings or gatherings can be held on Sundays and people can choose which to attend.
Dr. Larry Byrd has resigned from session effective 27 August. Larry felt he didn’t have the time to devote to serving at that level, but he is always ready to help with committee work. Session sincerely thanks Larry for his service to the church.
Oversight of property will be taken care of by Ethan Johns, the admin elder. Ethan met with the property committee which selected a chair who will work with him. The property budget for 2018 will be set by the committee with information given to Ethan.
A lovely card and donation to our church mission was made by Elder Marge Mauntler, chair of Committee for Preparation on Ministry and member of Troy PC. Her father’s farm was sold and she and her husband, Former Moderator John Mauntler, decided to tithe their share of the proceeds. Marge was so pleased with the mission and outreach at Bath Church that we were one of the choices where she donated money. A thank you letter on behalf of session and the congregation was sent to Marge.
It should be mentioned that as I have gone to over 30 of the 49 churches in the Presbytery for worship services or session meetings very often people have shared with me their delight at the job Bath Church did in hosting the Presbytery this past May. From large churches that know the work that goes into hosting, to smaller churches who have never considered that they could host Presbytery, positive comments were made about the great meeting in May. I have also had pastors talk to me about the great strides Bath has made as a small church in the last seven years. All this good news to hopefully keep us moving forward with new ideas and a fresh sense of community.
Pastor Emily prepared a comprehensive report for session highlighting her work the past year and a half. At our last session meeting the covenant contract with Pastor Emily was discussed from the stand point of her pastoral leadership and guidance, and the session support. The report is posted on the session bulletin board in the annex for the congregation to view.
Session unanimously approved the Pastor’s salary package for 2018. Here are the 2018 Covenant amounts for 19 hours a week: Salary (which reflects a 2% raise suggested by the Presbytery) will be $36,902.58; Medical amount of $1000 (which goes away if not used); Travel allowance $1000 (which goes away if not used); Professional expenses of $500 (which goes away if not used); Continuing education of $1173 (which is a new amount from Presbytery this year and can accrue if not used); Retirement of $2000. Total monetary package is $42,575.58. Covenant also includes 4 weeks of vacation (with 4 Sundays) and 2 weeks of study leave (with 2 Sundays).
Bath Church will be paying the suggested amount of per capita of $505.08 (General Assembly at $7.73 + Synod at $3.25 = $10.98 x 46 members = $505.08), and a total of $3610 to the Presbytery for Connectional Support ($35 x 46 members = $1610 + $2000 donation = $3610).
Bank balances as of August 31st: Checking account - $27,217.64; CDs - $70,107.50; Money Market - $15,336.97; Vanguard Wellington - $95,321.53; Total monies - $207,983.64 A check for $794.00 was received from the Haenzi Foundation to Bath Church. This is something the church gets each year from the Foundation.
Session decided to send money to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. An additional $2000, along with the money donated by the congregation, will be sent soon to help with the recent hurricane damage in Texas and Florida. The money is sent to our Presbytery who in turn sends it to PDA.
Reformation Sunday is October 29th when we will celebrate the 500th anniversary of Luther nailing the thesis to the door. Emily has themed scripture and sermon, and there is special themed music planned.
All Saints Day will be celebrated on November 5th as a day of remembrance. Emily will have themed scriptures and a special sermon, along with music planned. All worshippers will be welcome to light a candle in memory of someone special on their hearts and mind. The poinsettia flower platform will be used with a tablecloth and trays of tea candle lights on the chancel floor. There will not be a list of names, as often is the case with lists there are those who are forgotten. This special service, which session unanimously approved, will be in place of any memorial ornaments during the Advent Season. There will be no memorial ornaments placed on the Advent Chrismon Tree, however, the ornaments will be gifted to family members. The reasoning behind this special service and changing to the Chrismon Tree is because Chrismons are Christmas decorations with Christian symbols on them. They help Christians remember that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. They are often used on Christmas trees in churches and Christian’s homes. Pastor Emily will explain the different Chrismons each week as they are added to the Tree.
Holy Communion is being served by Intinction as a community of Christ. A few individual servings are available to those who don’t want to participate in Communion by intinction. A new pulpit microphone will be installed soon. This comes from memorial funds.
The church mail should only be picked up from the mailbox, and distributed, by active ruling elders on session. The only other person that should be getting the mail is Carol Brackney on Sunday mornings. Please leave the mail for session elders to retrieve and put in the correct wooden mailboxes.
We are in the process of ordering new Bath Presbyterian Church t-shirts that will have the new mission statement on the back. Colors ordered will be royal blue, navy blue, red, and gray. Email or call the clerk to place an order.
Session gives thanks for all the members and friends of our church that make worshiping the Lord together such a blessing. …Rejoice in all the good things the Lord your God has given to you… Deuteronomy 26:11

Gidget Collins
Clerk of Session