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Clerk’s Corner

Session realizes a good way to live out being one flock is to strive for better communication.
There will be a bulletin insert on the Sunday following a session meeting showing the action
items from decisions made at session.  Members are always welcome to attend the beginning of a session meeting to voice any concerns or ask questions. Members can also talk to a session member at any time, although it cannot be done anonymously. Session will continue to focus on ways to be one flock.
A new Bible Study will begin sometime after Easter using the book “A Bigger Table” which is about community building. Emily will lead six sessions which will be three chapters at a time.
Emily has tried to find days and times that fit for the most participants to be involved with a Bible
Study.  Session suggested she try an email discussion group. Emily will email out information for discussion, participants response using “reply all.” There will be a signup sheet with name and email address to
purchase the book and participate.
The session minutes for February 2017 – January 2018 were reviewed at the Presbytery
office on Saturday, March 3rd and found to have “no exceptions.  ”There will be a Called Presbytery meeting on March 27th at Memorial PC; Verna Drake will serve as our commissioner.
A letter was received from Barbara Williams asking for her membership to be removed from the roll of Bath Church effective March 1st. The clerk called Barbara upon receipt of the letter.  Barbara is happy at her new church, and her decision to leave has been years in the making.  With heavy hearts session went along with the request to remove Barbara Williams from the church membership.
Becky and Steve Mast (who is an elder) requested their membership be transferred from First PC in Bellefontaine to Bath Church. They recently moved into our area and have already become involved in the life of Bath. The clerk has sent a letter to the clerk at First in Bellefontaine requesting transfer of their membership to Bath Church. We are blessed to have them both among us. Becky and Steve also donated a wheel chair for use at Bath. We appreciate their kindness.
The gift for the new EP, Reverend Terry Kukuk, was given to her when she began in March. A $50 gift certificate to Olive Garden and a box of Esther Price candy was given along with a few other small items. We received a very nice thank you note from her which is on the bulletin board in the annex, and verbally she has
continued to give her thanks at our welcome gift.
The clerk will be attending a seminar dealing with armed intruders on April 17th in Columbus.  It is sponsored by our insurance company and ALICE. She will also be attending representation training given by the Synod on April 28th for the Presbytery.
Bank balances as of February 28th:
Checking account - $32,993.41; CDs -
$70,203.11; Money Market - $15,342.29;
Vanguard Wellington - $100,880.39; Total
monies - $219,419.20
Thank you to Sharon Cottrill for picking up two copies of the deeds to the church property which includes the large parking lot, church and area around it, and cemetery.  They will be kept in the fire proof safe. It was
not widely known that Bath Church also owns the cemetery next to us. The insurance company said they had never been notified of that and it had not been covered previously. It is now covered on our policy.
The following dates for communion were approved by session: May 20th (Pentecost Sunday), June 10th (Bath Church Birthday), July 15th, August 19th, September 16th, and October 7th (Worldwide Communion
Sunday). The order of service has been changed to the Reformed Order of Worship.  Session now has a policy for electronic meetings.  Although it is expected everyone will make session meetings and committee
meetings, in emergencies this policy can be used. We believe the Holy Spirit moves among us when we are face to face in meetings.
Our insurance policy is up for renewal the first part of May. The clerk has been in contact with our account manager who sent some suggestions to us. Information about what is covered and what is not covered was
shared with session. Session decided to raise our deductible from $500 to $1000 which will save us $228 on the cost of our insurance. They also increased the medical expense limit up to $15,000 per person for an additional cost of just $6 per year.  Furthermore, session increased our sexual misconduct coverage limit from $50,000 to $100,000 which will cost approximately $16 per year. Session was able to pick three
dates where our coverage for theft of money would be doubled. The coverage would be for one week prior to the date and continue one week after the date. The dates will be Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday, and the first
Saturday of November which is our Harvest Breakfast and bazaar.

Gidget Collins
Clerk of Session