Bath Presbyterian Church

4624 Bath Road Dayton,Ohio (937) 233-6925

Clerk of Session Message


Session did not have a regular meeting in June; however, there was a session retreat on June 10th at Central Presbyterian Church. A check for $100 was sent to Central for the use of their church. Many ideas came from the retreat. The year 2020 will soon be here and session would like to have goals set that are realistically achievable.

The Baptisms for Rengio and Claire Reynolds were entered into the church registry.

Emily has been on study leave June 7 – 14th and again on June 21st- 28th.

The Pentecost offering collection was $85.

Please take note of the July scripture focus found elsewhere in the newsletter. Often to let new growth happen we need to prune the old away. New growth, change, is inevitable and can be a good thing even if it is difficult to accept. God brings new growth into our lives every year. How blessed we all are by God, our master gardener.

Gidget Collins
Clerk of Session