Bath Presbyterian Church

4624 Bath Road Dayton,Ohio (937) 233-6925

Clerk of Session Message


What a wonderfully successful Presbytery meeting at Bath Church in May. This was a first for us and it could not have been any better. There have been constant emails of thanks and praise, and positive comments from so many people on how the feeling of the meeting was one of comradery even more pronounced than many other meetings. The sanctuary was filled; chairs were brought in to seat the overflow. The wonderful sound of a filled sanctuary singing praises to God was overwhelming and beyond words.
Pastor Emily welcoming the Presbytery

Presbyters thought the church was welcoming with a feeling of happiness. Some mentioned how good the church smelled, not the musty and mildew smell so many old churches have. The meal received so many positive comments. It was deemed one of the very best served at any Presbytery meeting. Special thanks are lifted up to Pastor Emily, Susan, Val, Jeff, Monica, Brad, Verna, Deb, Ethan and Hazel. These folks deserve so many kudos for all their work, effort, and diligence to make the Presbytery meeting so successful. They made it all look easy and were the perfect hosts. All the small details done made it even more special. Every person who came to Bath left feeling even better than when they entered. Praise God for all His love and caring that clearly was shown in the hands of those at the meeting. Thank you friends for your work to show the discipleship of Bath. You all walked the walk and lived into the covenant we share together with other churches. Ethan Johns served as commissioner for the meeting and his report will be elsewhere in the newsletter.
Former moderator, Brian Maguire, installing Gidget Collins as the new Moderator, Maggie Gillespie as Vice Moderator, and Kelley Shin as Leadership Chair.
Pastor Emily and Gidget Collins attended a leadership workshop at Troy Presbyterian Church on May 6th. There was a lot of good material to use and the idea of having a session retreat came out of that workshop. The retreat will be Saturday, June 10th at Central PC from 9 – 1:00 pm.
Going forward a deposit of $100 will be required to rent the church facilities. The money will be given to the clerk of session when the contract to rent is signed. The clerk will give the money to the treasurer and it will be deposited into the church account. If there are no damages or excessive cleaning needed the money will be returned. This does not include Verna Drake using the church for Kairos or Val Quinn using the church for My Brother’s Keeper mission group
Beginning June 4th the worship time will change for the summer. Breakfast and multigenerational Sunday School will be from 9 – 10:00 am, with Sunday worship beginning at 10:15 am. Please note this on your calendars.
A donation of $150 was given to Catch the Building Spirit Presbytery Network. This allows Bath to pay for a wall panel for the new house. Bath will also be supplying breakfast on June 1st, during the kick-off week.
Bath Church is also donating $500 to help support J. O. Miller as he attends the Habitat for Humanity International build in Poland this year (with Janet going as the team leader).
A total of $680 was collected for One Great Hour of Sharing, and $170 was collected for the Healthy Women Healthy Families.
   Session wishes everyone a safe and happy summer.
Gidget Collins
Clerk of Session