Mission and Outreach with our Young Followers

Dayton Humane Society Mission

The Dayton Humane Society has a mission to engage the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals. Their vision is to compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for animals.

At Bath Church we partner together in creative ways to show our passion for mission. Each of you wears the title of humanitarian. Through our mission of helping the Dayton Humane Society we are working to show respect to all living things. Our church provides compassion, defends the abused, and fights for recognition of integrity for animals.

We are Bath Church, we love all things, and we know God calls us to care. Our arms stretch out and help those who need it most– even those with four legs and paws. You are a hero for animals who need help. This year we surpassed our goal of 200 rolls of paper towels, and have a total of 218 rolls collected. This is a years’ worth of paper towels for them to use. Cat food and dog food was also donated. Your generosity will be very appreciated by the Dayton Humane Society. Together we are helping those who work with the smallest of God’s creatures in our community. On behalf of the mission committee we thank you for another successful year in helping the Dayton Humane Society.

Let this be our prayer together as a church for the Dayton Humane Society: Mighty and tender God, maker of all living creatures, we respond to your call to go and help in your world. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air, and animals on the land. We are mindful of our responsibility to care for them. May we learn the value of kindness, the power of mercy, the strength of gentleness, and a new spirit of humility. We are on this journey together with you, Lord. May we feel your peace. Amen.

Thank you,