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It’s a rare joy that we get to celebrate Advent completely within the month of December. In Children’s Sunday School, the kids will once again be creating Cristmons to hang on our Christmon tree in the sanctuary. Each week, as they make the Christmon, they will be learning of how the symbol represents a stage in Jesus’ journey. Then during the Children's Sermon in worship, the children will teach the congregation about the Christmon they created and it’s meaning as they hang it on the tree.

In Adult Sunday School, we will be engaging in an Advent study based on the movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. The lesson will be kicked off by a viewing of the movie at the Miller’s home. Come join us for the movie and discussion through Advent, no preparation is needed ahead of time.

In Worship through Advent, we will be lighting the Advent candles on the wreath. Also at this time, various family and friend groupings will be reading a brief Advent litany and there will be a short drama through the weeks of Advent from “Advent Candle-Lighting” by Susan Pargman (reader’s theater style). Advent is always a special time in Sunday School and Worship leading up to Christmas Eve. The Advent journey is a period of waiting and watching for the grace and truth that we are expecting during the Christmas season.
I will be creating our Advent devotionals this year, based on our new Matthew 25 focus of “...when did we see you (King Jesus) hungry, thirsty or naked”. Each devotional will have questions for contemplation, scripture, a brief story and a prompt to act out the Matthew 25 call in our lives as individuals, families and in Bath Church. These devotionals will be distributed on the first Sunday of Advent (electronic and paper copies available).
There are also many great missions and ministries happening during Advent (see Mission).

This Advent season, let us all actively prepare for the Christ child by seeking out loving acts to proclaim Christ’s name. Let us join with Jesus in demonstrating tender gestures to join in kingdom building and birthing love into the world.

Peace and Christ, Pastor Emily