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Grace and Peace to you, Bath Church Family!

I am so grateful to be a part of this caring community during such strange times in our lives and in, what I’m sure will be, our history. This summer has been anything but normal. We’ve had worship online, in the parking lot, back in the sanctuary but with rules and restrictions and changes and then back online again. It’s hard to keep up or to know what’s coming! I don’t know about you all, but I thrive on routine and structure and knowing what to expect, even if I have to be a little flexible in the moment. So,all of this is jarring.

That said, I feel like we are getting experiences of the early followers of Christ and the early church. It was never easy or predictable. Persecutions, hiding, on the road, house churches. Sort of makes our situation still look a little cushy! But our times are different. This is just as anxiety-producing and unsettling as it was for the early church. Our pandemic is real. By now, we all know someone who has had the disease; and some of us know someone who has died from it. Our world has changed.

As a reminder, please help us as the Body of Christ, protect one another. If you know you are sick or have been exposed,please let me (Pastor Emily) know as soon as possible. I will keep your medical information confidential. We (Session) will ensure that the church takes all the necessary precautions to protect its members and guests, and I (Pastor Emily) will attend to your pastoral care and ensure you are cared for through any potential illness. This is really serious, beloved, please be the Church Together at this time.

I am heading out for vacation in a few days. I will be gone July 29th-August 9th. You will be in good hands. August 2nd Derek Horton is the pulpit supply. I hear he balances large objects on his nose! August 9th, Dr. J.O. Miller will be pulpit supply and we all know the musical joy that will fill the worship space that day! Rev Julia Williamson, from Faith Presbyterian in Huber Heights will be pastoral on-call for me while I’m gone. All our Elders (Ethan, Susan, Deb, Becky, Sharon and Judy) haveher contact information. If you have need, contact an Elder and they will get in touch with Rev Julia.

I will see you all in mid-August and we will continue to navigate this Calling and Mission together. I appreciate each and every one of you!

In Christ’s Love, Pastor Emily