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Pastor's Message

Pastor's Message

Some of you may have noticed that I have been away most of June. The conference schedules I felt I needed to attend just happened to be practically back to back weeks in June. I look forward to sharing the information and suggestions with Session as well as utilizing the spiritual growth and knowledge in upcoming sermons, worships and Bible studies to pass on to you all.

My first conference was conducted by John Bell, member of the Iona Community in Scotland, prolific writer and musician for Wild Goose Publications, and masterful theologian combining the wisdom of the ancients with the modern movement of the Holy Spirit. This conference was about the anatomy of change within the church all over the world, and the struggles within the heart, mind and gut when it comes to change within the church.

My second conference was conducted by John Dominic Crossen. He is a leader of a movement called the Jesus Seminar which seeks to understand the historical Jesus. His work is considered fascinating, but a bit controversial; so, I go into it with a critical eye/ear.

I look forward to being reunited with you all in July! I invite you to ask questions or ask for materials if these conferences interest you.

I pray for you all daily while I am traveling.

Much love!      Pastor Emily