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Easter blessings Bath Church family,

We are an Easter people! This means we believe in rebirth, new beginnings, forgiveness and Christian community. A goal Session set at our retreat last summer was to have more opportunities for fellowship and community outside of worship gatherings. Spring is a great time to blossom these events.
There are two things we’ll be trying coming soon. First, an online book discussion. We’ll be using the book “A Bigger Table (building messy, authentic and hopeful spiritual community)” by John Pavlovitz. Each week, participants will read 2 chapters and respond online with their thoughts, feedback and questions. I will begin the conversation each week and we’ll create a conversation chain from there. How will it work? Will it work? I don’t know! Risk-taking and adventuring together is a cornerstone of authentic community. After Easter, there will be a sign up sheet for the book. And we’ll make sure instructions are easy to follow. Let’s try it, together!
Second, we will be having a Bath family game night this Spring. Bring your favorite board games and snacks! I’m arranging a Bible and pop culture trivia game to be created for us. If you’re not a game person, just come for the fellowship! The date will be announced after Easter.
We are a small church community. Rather than fight that and try to be what we are not. Let’s embrace our small church culture and be connected, caring authentic community who enjoy one another and form bonds that will see us through tough discussions and unsure futures. The Spirit is alive and well at Bath Church, let’s celebrate that!

Christ’s Peace to you all,
Pastor Emily