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Grace and Peace to you, friends and members of Bath Church!
Spiritual teacher and author, Joan Chittister, writes "Spirituality without a prayer life is no spirituality at all; and will not last beyond the first defeats." A life of prayer is difficult for many Christians, especially Protestants. This is legitimate in our history of separation from the Roman Catholic church and "de-mystifying" religion to make God more accessible to the common lay person. But maybe we've gone too far.
I've introduced a few starter ingredients in some recent sermons to an active prayer life; the finger labyrinth that we did with the children, and the breathing exercises that we talked about on Pentecost. I've placed the finger labyrinths on the table in the narthex, please take one if you think it would enhance in your centering and calming practices before starting your prayer routine.
These are just an introduction. Stay tuned throughout this calendar year for more history, practices and opportunities to explore active prayer life together.
As we head into the Summer months, we look ahead to changes in Summer Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, guest preachers from our own church family, new missions, the Session Retreat and many more opportunities to get involved and put faith into action!


Blessings!  Pastor Emily