Pastor's Message

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The season is at its peak
The music in full swing
Everyone is shopping for
Each little thing
Tempers are flaring up
And patience wearing thin
The beeping of self scanning
Is making such a din
Some are getting zealous
Bent all out of joint
Upset about “happy holidays”
And missing the whole point.
We’ve been through quite a season
That seems without an end
Even among the packages
To wrap up and send.
But the moments tick closer
That we approach the hour
we contemplate what we received
And we become less sour
A darkened room, a candle held
While we sing our song
Helping heal the rift
From the year so long.
And while we remember
Upon all the times before
We know that advent promises
There is still something more.

Like a present that was missed
In the unwrapping spree
Christ is still being discovered
Just wait and see
Enjoy the lights and carols
The Nog and Ho Ho Ho
And find Christmas within
The ones you don’t yet know
This isn’t just for greatest hits
Shoes and Christmases Blue
It’s a time to remember
Christ comes for them too
Yes the ones who drive you mad
And upset you with their words
The ones who enjoy those things
You think are for the birds
Called together in the quiet
We sit before our Lord
Who beckons us to leave our camps
And get ourselves on board
With the one who loves us all
Despite what we might do
May we see Christ
In each other too

Blessed Christmas and Spiritually
Prosperous New Year!

Look for your Elders to transition in 2022
* Worship - Ethan Johns
* Finance - Mabel Geis
* CE - Verna Drake
* Property - Pam Bowen
* Fellowship/Congregational Care - Susan Lockwood
* Mission - Janet Miller

Pastor Emily