Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School will be finishing with The Present Word study entitled "Work of the Spirit and will be starting "God's Prophets Demand Justice. The new summer quarter study has three units discussing justice and injustice. Sessions covering seven different prophets investigate perpetrators of injustice, the nature of injustice, and the victims of injustice. The three units steadily move toward the themes of repentance, redemption, and restoration.
The study challenges those of us who believe in Jesus Christ to pay attention to the whole of the biblical witness: Love your neighbor, especially the poor, oppressed and disposed; and pay attention to ways you contribute to systems that oppress and impoverish others. The prophets speak with one voice: God requires it (Micah 6:8)! Worth getting to church a bit earlier to participate!

The Children's Sunday School is enjoying learning about the Old Testament with the Messengers of God curriculum.

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